We go all gooey inside

It’s your lovely words that give us the real sugar-rush... here are some unashamedly eloquent sweetie-monsters getting lyrical (and please send us your own free-ranging comments too...)

Thank you Burnt Sugar Company, for your crumbly fudge! Here’s a small story... My sister and I love crumbly fudge. We lived in Oz, so on trips back to London, we used to stock up on crumbly fudge, where ever we were lucky enough to find it. I stumbled across your crumbly fudge in waitrose last weekend, and for one whole week I was saving it for my sister back in Oz. Today I asked my 6 year old whether we should sample your crumbly fudge before sending it to aunty in Oz, and to my delight she agreed. The verdict “We both loved it”, how fabulous! Tomorrow I’m buying 3! 2 for Aunty and 1 for us. Thank you, El and Nikita (aged 6)

From Victoria:
Just had to write and congratulate you on your unbelievable scrummy crumbly clotted cream fudge. I’ve just had a pot as a present and I have never had such delicious fudge. Thank you for making suck a treat, not good for my waistline but it is so delicious who cares!!!

Colin’s note: at only about 76 calories a chunk, your waistline might not even know.

From Svetlana:
I am a French fanatic of burnt sugar since I’ve stolen a candy from a friend of mine. I didn’t dare asking her what candy it was, because I intend to buy her some more for Christmas (she’s fanatic as well)

Colin’s note: can’t condone the stealing, but the fanaticism is wholly appropriate.

Shirley Wadell
“It is official in our house hold of 3, that yours is the best fudge in the world. Previously it was [&^%$’s]* fudge. Yours is way better. One of the most fantastic things about your fudge is how it looks. I have a suggestion: put a clear top on your 225g tubs. When people get a glimpse of that yummy stuff inside they will guess it might be amazing. They will only guess because they can’t know how good it is until they eat it. Congratulations for an excellent product”

Colin’s note []* = expletive deleted. Actually Shirley’s previous favourite was Roly’s Fudge. We think it is quite good, too. It’s not Burnt Sugar good, though.

'Fudge or figure...today - Fudge!'

'London is for drinking pink champagne and eating crumbly chocolate fudge.'

'Eat all the chocolate you can when you're a kid. Your kids will eat all of it when you're a parent!' (Kate J.)

'Your life is but a single moment. Enjoy it (with Burnt Sugar!).'

'Books should be finished quickly. Chocolate, on the other hand, should be savoured.' (Maddie J - Hong Kong)